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Teetick Standard Sizes for Men's and Women's T-shirts

These size charts are used by most of our U.S.-based and European customers.

We can personalize your T-shirts with your own dimensions. Simply email us the size specs or post a sample that you like, so that we can duplicate the measurements and send them to our factory.

T-Shirt Size Chart


Teetick Standard Sizes for Men's and Women's Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts Size Charts

TeeTick Standard Sizes for Sweatpants 

We process orders for sizes ranging from small (S) and medium (M) to large (L), extra large (XL) and double extra large (XXL)—both for women’s and men’s sweatpants.

Sweatpants Size Chart

Contact us today, or send us a sample that you prefer, and we will promptly get back to you with our measurements and before you know it, your order is on its way to being delivered.

Teetick Standard Sizes for Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts Size Chart