Tank Tops

customized tank topsTank tops are suitable to keep you cool and comfortable. They are also mostly preferred in the hot summer days and in sport events, and can also serve as evening wear.


Personalized tank tops can be made of different materials, such as cotton, polyester and satin. For gymnastic or sweating activities, polyester tank tops are the best option because they wicks moisture away instead of absorbing it, so it can evaporate to keep you dry during your workout.

Sometimes you can wear a tank top alone, under a t-shirt or under a button-down shirt as long as you feel comfortable and cozy wearing it. A man can wear a tank top over a long sleeve t-shirt to keep cool and stylish. However, a woman can make her look sexier with a personalized tank top only.

TeeTick works with you to design and produce a tank top that fits your style, budget, branding strategy and overall public-relations needs. 

personalized tank topAt TeeTick, we believe that personalized tank tops will give you a unique style that is fashionable yet relaxed. We can help you to create your dream tank tops according to your specifications. There are plenty of fabrics and colors available to meet your custom needs. For your order, you can have a mix of colors, styles and sizes, ranging from extra small (XS) to triple extra large (XXXL).

We pride ourselves on the top quality, personalized tank tops that we produce, and we will do whatever we can to keep customers coming back even if it means extra work for us. We really believe you will enjoy working with us.

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Any questions about tank tops or t-shirts, feel free to email us at service@teetick.com


Unedited Customer Feedback For Tank Tops 

5 Star Rating

"The tank top samples arrived. They look great! Thank you for doing a great job! Great quality! Let's do the tops in grey color. The lettering “GP4G”, I'd love it in a light pink color ink. My second choice would be white lettering ink. I can't wait for tops, and I'm sure I'll be doing more business with you in the near future."


5 Star Rating

"We have our showcase coming up shortly so that will allow our customers to evaluate the quality of the tees and tank tops. But as it stands, we are happy with the production output. It is always a pleasure to see a project come to a successful completion."


5 Star Rating

"THANK YOU! They look perfect! I love the vests and the t-shirts are great quality as always. I will be in touch soon."