Private label clothing

Private label clothing enables you to conceive a specific design and mass-produce garments based on a company, brand, event or special occasion. Whatever your motive, TeeTick can assist you at all the stages of the process.

Who needs private label services? 

Private labeling is effective for clients interested in elevating the brand of a company, cause or event. Therefore, the technique is suitable for entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals planning a major event, such as a graduation or college reunion. 

How does it work?

Clients send TeeTick their chosen design or artwork along with instructions on printing, manufacturing and shipping. TeeTick reviews the design and accompanying instructions, and gets back to clients with feedback or clarifications before the full production starts. Clients also can pick patterns from TeeTick’s comprehensive template portfolio. 

What value does TeeTick provide?

TeeTick adds value by giving clients advice at each stage of the private label clothing process. First, our experts review the client’s artwork to make sure it is catchy. Then, we analyze how the chosen symbol fits with the client’s branding strategy and target audience. Third, we recommend the best printing tactic based on things like garment quality, font and color. Finally, we do a post-production review with the client to see whether the intended results were achieved.

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