Personalized Clothing Made in Vietnam

TeeTick is a full-service printing and production company that provides a comprehensive set of clothing personalization solutions to clients all over the world. Our major export markets include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France but our clientele is expanding by the day, veering into locales as diverse as Brazil, China, Belgium and South Africa.

Our stellar customer service, affordable pricing and secure payment methods have made clients trust us in the past decade. Our competitive advantage lies in our marketing savvy, printing ingenuity, cost-effectiveness and artistic expertise.

“Made in Vietnam,” a Brand That Is Picking Up

In the last few years, economic activity has picked up in the Southeast Asia region, and Vietnam has gradually become the hub for top quality, bespoke garment export. Today, the “Made in Vietnam” tag is as considered as the “Made in USA” brand, when it comes to quality clothing customization.

TeeTick is well positioned to leverage its manufacturing expertise, the improving regulatory and economic environment, and an  affordable labor force to produce and export cost-effective bespoke garments to clients all of the world.

A Diversified Product Catalog

TeeTick’s product catalog is diversified, ranging from tank tops, sweatpants and school uniforms to personalized t-shirts, polo shirts, custom made hoodies and maternity clothes. We also manufacture high-grade, affordable custom fleece shortsdrawstring bags, children’s garments… the list goes on.

Production Expertise + Cost-Effectiveness

Our value proposition is unmatched because we mesh production expertise efficiently with cost-effectiveness. Our clients are always satisfied with the final products and this is why we take our quality guarantee very seriously. Our factory specialists in Vietnam are well versed in the latest technology in clothing customization, particularly design, printing and production.

Advanced Marketing Solutions

TeeTick provides advanced marketing solutions to clients, especially when it comes to garment promotion. Our experts will give you insight into the best and efficient way to personalize clothing in business branding, in a marketing campaign or in promoting an event, among others.

For more information on our design expertise and high quality personalized clothing, give us a call today at +1 315 636 4789. You can also email us at, or contact us via Skype (ID: