Personalized Clothing in United States

TeeTick has customized t-shirts and other garments for customers all over the United States since 2010

Whether you live in New York; Austin, TX; Chicago; or Los Angeles, we’ve got you covered. Our designers and factory specialists will create personalized clothing for you and your brand.

A Unique Value Proposition

TeeTick provides a unique and varied value proposition to U.S. clients, with several product categories and services. Our products range from personalized t-shirts and embroidered polo shirts to jeans, children clothing and drawstring bags. That’s not all: We also produce and export everything from tote bags and fleece shorts to hats, casual dresses, school uniforms and sweatpants as well as hoodies and maternity clothes.

Our U.S. clients also appreciate our high quality services, including garment printing, embroidery, custom packaging, bespoke buttons, and custom clothing labels and tags.

Quality and Affordable Products

At TeeTick, we know the value of affordability and punctuality. That’s why we process clients’ orders as fast and efficiently as possible. We are located in Vietnam, but we service a growing network of clients in America, providing them with high quality bespoke clothing products.

Don’t take our word for it. Contact us today, and we’ll walk you through our unique approach for garment customization. You’ll also experience our know-how in designing, producing and delivering high grade clothing in the shortest timeframe possible.

Payments Made Easy

TeeTick makes payments easy for U.S. customers. We accept secure payment methods, such as PayPal and bank transfer. Our low prices are unparalleled in the industry, and clients know us for affordability, punctuality and excellent service.

If you’d like to make a payment via other means, please let us know. We’ll discuss the options with you and find a solution that ensures your order is delivered quickly.

For more information on our design expertise and high-quality personalized clothing, give us a call today at 1-315-636-4789. You can also email us at, or contact us via Skype (ID: