Payment methods

TeeTick uses PayPal for fast, easy and secure online payment. Besides, you also can make payment via credit card, bank transfer and Western Union.


This method of payment is used by most of our clients as it is a safer, faster way to make payments for online purchases. Of course you need to have a PayPal account to make payment. If you don’t have an account to complete the transfer of funds, we can send you a money request via PayPal and PayPal will email you quick set-up instructions. All you need is an email address and a credit card to set up your PayPal account.

Bank Transfer

You also have the option to pay by bank transfer. We will send you an email with our banking details so you can make the payment. If you make payment via PayPal, TeeTick will have to pay the transaction fee of around 4.5% on the total amount. Besides, PayPal will convert United States Dollar (USD) to Vietnam Dong (VND) and the exchange rate that they apply is very bad so we will lose more money when you pay us via PayPal that is why we will propose you to make payment via Bank transfer for any transactions over $1,000. Of course it is up to you to make payment via PayPal or bank transfer as long as you feel more comfortable and convenient with that payment of method.

Western Union

If it is easier for you to make payment via Western Union, We will send you our Western Union details so you can make the transfer of funds. We will deduct fully or haft of the transaction fee for you depending on the amount you pay. You need to send us the 10-digit MTC number and details about the transaction after the payment is made so we can receive the payment from one of the Western Union agents.

Credit Card

TeeTick only takes payment via credit card from customers in Vietnam. Your credit card will be charged by our credit card provider. TeeTick will start working on your order as soon as we get the notification from our bank that the payment is successfully transferred.