Customized Clothing in France

TeeTick has served the garment customization and printing needs of French-based businesses for the last few years, entrepreneurs and individuals. Our success in the country of Moliere has opened new doors in neighboring countries, including Belgium and Switzerland. We like to work with customers in bustling cities all over France, from Paris to Marseille to Nice to Caen… all the way to Bordeaux, the capital of wine.

We Cover All Design Subjects

TeeTick experts can help French customers to design or select artwork from several topics and interest categories. These range from animals and animations to maps, food and beverages, health and anatomy, and people and culture. Other pattern choices include business, children, politics, religion, spiritual and inspirational, nature and landscape, and movies and television. Oh, we haven’t forgotten: We certainly have beautiful and catchy Paris and Eiffel Tower artwork you can embroider or print on your favorite t-shirt or garment.

Gift Ideas for Everyone, Whenever

Do you have a gift or event idea but don’t know how to successfully market it? Or which kind of clothing customization you need? Let TeeTick marketing and personalization specialists help you. We’ll assist you in designing and choosing artwork in sync with any event or occasion, from maternity and business launching to graduation, holiday season and commercial promotion. Our French customers also relish the way we personalize clothes for women, men, children, teenagers, young adults… and pets.

Diversified Product Portfolio

At TeeTick, we pride ourselves on your ability to quickly, affordably and effectively design and produce high quality products for our French customers. Our portfolio includes everything from personalized t-shirts and hoodies to polo shirts, maternity garments and fleece shorts. Other products our customers love include tote bags, hats, school uniforms and casual dresses. We constantly add products to our portfolio, so just tell us what type of garment you want to customize and we’ll take care of it.