Customized clothing from scratch

If you are looking for customized clothing to show off your brand or your personal style, TeeTick is the right place to get started. Here at TeeTick we are constantly striving to offer the best clothing customization service available. Unlike other suppliers, TeeTick creates your customized clothing from scratch so you are flexible to customize your shirts in the way you want them to be. Starting a clothing brand with TeeTick is as simple as these 6 easy steps. When the order is validated, we will focus on creating your customized styles by offering you different options about fabric, measurements of the shirts and other factors – every detail is your choice. Our purpose is not to supply you with the customized clothes you need but to provide you with a good customized service that you deserve to experience.

TeeTick makes a difference in customized clothing

TeeTick not only gives you the whole option to customize your shirts in the way you want them to be, but also handles every step like sampling, sewing, printing, embroidery and labeling in house and this allows us to offer quick response for your order and ensure every project is carefully managed to deliver guaranteed quality.  Every clothes is individually checked for quality before shipping to make sure that they are in perfect condition. This is why quality products are guaranteed by the company.

For customized clothing services or need more help, feel free to call us at 1-315-636-4789 and one of our sales representatives will be more than happy to help you with your project.