Embroidery is perfect for your garment if you want no image or pattern to be printed on it. At TeeTick, we use sophisticated, state-of-the-art machinery to decorate fabric or other materials. For some special orders or complex designs, we may use the “good old” technique of a needle and a thread or yarn.

We recommend you use embroidery to expand the cosmetic appeal of everything from Polo shirts and golf shirts to caps, denim and dress shirts also look great when embroidered!

Contact us for further questions about our embroidery process and how we can help you elevate the cosmetic stature of your garment, brand and company.

t-shirt embroidery big embroidered logo
embroidery on polo embroidery warrior
embroidery on jeans pocket paw logo embroidery
embroidery on sweatpants 3D Embroidery Grey