Customer Reviews

I have the shirts, thank you. They look great. We are going to order Mediums, Larges, and Extra Larges. Each one will have a different screen printed graphic for the different sizes. I'm attaching all three to this email; there is one for L, M, and XL.

The Medium shirt should have the graphic with the M, the Large gets the L, and the extra large gets the XL, of course.

Let me know if you want to chat online about these new graphics. Please let me know if there will be a problem getting the different graphics on different sizes.

We would like to order 40 Larges, 30 Mediums, and 30 Extra Larges. So, 100 polo shirts total. This is the just the first order, there will be more orders later on.

Did you say each shirt cost $7?

Please reply soon and confirm that all this sounds good to you.

I first would like to thank you for providing me with a picture of prototype for the army fatigue shirt. I apologize for responding back later then I intended. I was celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday for the last four days. There are a few corrections to the shirt that I would like to be made. The first correction is that I would want the shirt to be approximately an inch or two longer. The second correction that I would like made is where the army pattern actually meets the shirt. I don't want the pattern to come that far into the shirt. I want it more like the picture I sent you. In the picture, the pattern is mainly on the sleeves, and just barely touches the shirt. Let me know if this helps. I love how the pattern looks, it's exactly how I pictured it to be.

I received the shirt samples and I like them. Please use the same logo on the black and tan shirts as you used on the white shirt. I understand that parts of the logo are not visible on the black shirts, but please keep the colors of the logo the same for those five black shirts in the order.

I just noticed that the zip code in the address at the end of the emails was not correct. The correct zip code is 33907.

Please let me know how much I still owe you and my next order is probably going to be the same shirts but with a large logo in the middle of the shirt. It would be great if you could mail me a sample with the shipment.

We received the shirts yesterday. They look great! Thanks for shipping them out so quickly. We are very pleased with the products.

There were some discrepancies between the amount we ordered of each size and the amount we received. Please see the attached spreadsheet. While the total number of shirts was correct, some sizes we received too many of, while others we received too few.

In future orders, please try to match our requested order quantity for each size.

Thanks again for working with us.

Hi. I just received the samples, they look great. I and my partners really like them. We just need to adjust some things:

The neck opening on men’s and women's t-shirts, the neck opening on the men’s and women's raglans as well and lastly the sleeve length on the men’s raglan shirts. I’ve attached revised size charts to compliment the changes.

We can move on to production with these changes. How long do you think it will take?

Thank you. Joel Lopez

I am happy with everything except the blue. Do you have a lighter shade of blue fabric that can be used? We're looking for more of a baby blue.

The placement of the design looks much better. Thanks! Can you please verify and tell us the full length of the shirt, from the top of the collar to the bottom of the shirt?

Please reply all to keep my partner in this email chain.

Thanks, Sinead

We received our samples today!! Very good quality!!

What is the min order?

What colors are available for each of the different shirts?

When will the sample pants be available?

How long would it take to get more samples in different colors and sizes?

Thanks so much!!!! Wendi

The polo shirts came in today and we love them. We would like to work on some pocket t-shirts now with an embroidery on the pocket. Can you give me a quote? How quickly could I get a sample of that? I want it to be a soft but also thick fabric. Thanks, Hunter