Customer Reviews

I hope your business is growing. We appreciate your hard work in making our clothing line. I have been recommending your company to everyone who you have asked to call me as a reference. I feel your company has been a key partner with our company in creating our success!

Sorry I didn't confirm I received the shirts. I did receive them last week Friday. I am happy with the job and I am confident that they will sell well. Thanks for checking back with me. Once again I love the shirts.


The customer say the t-shirts are very good, he is very happy. The new label just need to go a little higher 2cm from hem. The customer is also asking if the print on the sleeves can go higher on the inside of the sleeve so the print can be seen if the sleeve is rolled up. Please also see the attached spread sheet please amend the quantities and sizes accordingly. Can you give me a date when the shippment will be ready.

I just received the polo shirts. They look great. Can you please send me the stock list you sent to me or final PI please. I'll be ordering again soon!! Thanks for everything!

The polo shirt is amazing, thank you guys for making such a wonderful sample. Can we put the standard machine wash instructions and neck labeling?

Jessie J Clinton III

My partner and I reviewed your site. We thought it looked very good. The biggest reason we decided to use you as a manufacturer was because your website was good. Information available on your site about how the process works, customer reviews, FAQ, sample products that you've made - these things were more important to us when we assessed you than the visuals of the site. The visuals do look better now though.

You guys have a big advantage in that you speak pretty good English. We found very few other manufacturers in Vietnam where the owners spoke good English, and had a site written in English. If you're catering to the Western market, that is a strong advantage.

Overall, we think the site is strong. The menus look great, the colors are fine, and most important to us, all of the necessary information is there!

Hopefully this helps.


Yes they have arrived and I have tried them on. Thanks for the extra sample with 5% spandex but its not suitable for me. The 100% cotton t-shirt is of good standard.

Few questions:

1. Is it possible to have thicker cotton?

2. Do you have different collars available, I would like it to be a bit wider and heavier.

I will contact you again after I test the t-shirt.

BTW you have excellent service and responsiveness, best I have seen.

We received the samples and we would like to move forward with full production. Please let me know that you have received this email and I will send my designs and color information. We need 650 shirts for this initial order — would you provide me with a quick quote per shirt for this as well as the estimated shipping cost? Thanks!