Customer Reviews

Everything is going well. The shirts are selling well. Thank you for checking on me. I hope all is well. And when I do decide to make more designs I will be ordering from you.

We are very pleased with the samples. We would like to find out the final price on 200 pairs of shorts (2 colors) and 200 singlets (2 colors). We can supply you with the artwork for the sew on labels. Do we have to pay for the whole order before delivery? We would also like to find out how long this order is likely to take.

I just got the package!!! I absolutely love it!!! Amazing work on the prototype man! I’m going to do some work on my end here with testing the market and seeing how people like it and then getting some pre orders and then I will contact you when I am ready to place the bulk order! Thank you so much!

We are selling many of the shirts. Again we appreciate you and your staff's work. We will probably place a reorder on Monday. Can you provide me with information regarding the earliest date that we could receive the reorder of around the same number of tees as this order?

Thank you for making the shirts to our measurements. For the most part, they are great. We just need to make two small changes to the measurements that I have outlined below. Also, you will see these changes updated in the attached measurement guide.

*T-shirt - just changing measurement B by 1 cm

*Polo - just changing measurement H by 1 cm

We are ready for production with these measurements. You have our colors and sizes for each shirt. Please make sure that the final production material will be the same as the samples you sent us. Please verify that these changes will be made before the run. If you need clarification or have any questions let me know.

When should we expect to have our final order produced?



I hope your business is growing. We appreciate your hard work in making our clothing line. I have been recommending your company to everyone who you have asked to call me as a reference. I feel your company has been a key partner with our company in creating our success!

Sorry I didn't confirm I received the shirts. I did receive them last week Friday. I am happy with the job and I am confident that they will sell well. Thanks for checking back with me. Once again I love the shirts.


The customer say the t-shirts are very good, he is very happy. The new label just need to go a little higher 2cm from hem. The customer is also asking if the print on the sleeves can go higher on the inside of the sleeve so the print can be seen if the sleeve is rolled up. Please also see the attached spread sheet please amend the quantities and sizes accordingly. Can you give me a date when the shippment will be ready.