Customer Reviews

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I only need one small, one medium, and one large in each of the shirts.

Thanks again! I appreciate it so much. This will allow our customers to place big orders with us and we will have a very good order for you after your holiday. thanks!!!!!

I received the sample and I am in love with it! Thanks man! I just sent the remaining amount for the LazyMan tee shirt orders to continue the process for the 200 pcs. Please reply to this email confirming the successful payment transfer. Thank you.

Having a great start to the year & very excited to be working with TeeTick again. I will be in contact over the next week as I'm just finalizing the artwork for the shirts with my designer then I will be able to send through everything. My aim is to have everything ready for you guys to begin within the next 2 weeks after which I will begin working on another line of clothing for the brand. Just so you know that we are expecting to see rapid growth in our business this year as we have secured prominent ad space in 3 of Australia's biggest fitness magazines & have plans to expand into the US market by the end of the year. Thanks again & I will be in contact by the end of next week.

I hope this email finds you well and that you and your family had a wonderful holiday and may this New Year bring you much health, happiness, and prosperity. I apologize for the delay in time since our last correspondence. Jackson and I have been rather busy with the shirt company, but we are extremely pleased with the shirts that you manufactured for our company a few months ago.

However, after reviewing our inventory levels, it appears that we are running low on some shirt colors and sizes. Thus, Jackson and I will need to place an order in the coming months for another production of approximately 500-750 polo shirts.

Similar to our last order, Jackson and I will need to send you color samples, buttons, and labels, but we will need your assistance on getting the fabric, collars, and arm bands. Additionally, if you need a shirt template again, please let us know and I can provide you with a previous polo shirt that you manufactured for us.

Lastly, Jackson and I recommended your services to an up and coming clothing business here in the United States. An emerging business owner inquired into clothing manufacturers and we recommended that they contact you as your company has provided great quality and exceptional customer service.

Once again, I hope all is well with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

We'd like to start another order of tank tops. We'd like to get another 400 tanks, 200 grey and 200 black. We'd like to use the same fabric that was used to make the blue flamingo tank tops. I attached a photo to illustrate the area I am talking about.

If you are completely unable to find the coral red color tee, we can go with the burgundy you used. As for the green fabric, it looks great! Also, I have a new order for you for around 2,400 new tees in these same designs. Can you let me know if we could arrange for these to be finished between January 22 and January 25? I will send you the size breakdowns and other info asap for this new order. Also, when will the current order ship? Thanks again for your prompt replies!

Loving the vest in white as well as the logos look like they are positioned great, the design on the side looks a little small it needs to be about 30cm so it's 15cm either side of the seam so it can be seen from both the front and back other than that they both look fantastic. Is it possible to mix and match the colors on the same order if so could you pop a couple of each size of both the rag and vest tops in white, it would be great just to give people options not sure I would sell much white this time of year but they do look so lovely. Thanks for your help I'm so excited I've started trying to get the tracksuit sizes down packed so we can do them and the t-shirts next after we sorted them it’s just the sleeveless and pull over hoodies to go before we can start on my favorite bits the woman's range yay! Thanks again.

I am just so happy thank you I can't even express how excited I am, the sizes of the designs are amazing as well as the fabric, everything is perfect.

Thank you so much for including the women's as well that was a great surprise what is the next step? Please get started on production as soon as possible Chris's is coming and I want to start retailing the product as soon as we can.

Tom really I am sooooo happy thank you so much, let me know what you need from me to start production as soon as possible.