Customer Reviews

I think the pink and grey shirt look pretty spot on. The dimensions of the logo also look fine as well.
For blue shirt, I thought the blue I picked would have been a little lighter than that. Do you happen to have this blue: 14-4214 TPX? It’s more of a powder blue. If you have to source it out, that is ok. I just want to make sure we have the right blue.

Wow! These look great. Thanks for sending the print outs. The "Live Life Properly" & "Born in the South" designs can move to bulk production. I will send the pocket print for the "Born in the South" design asap. For the "South Home" design, it looks great, but could we change the fill color to more of a green (pantone 346U)? Thanks!

Good evening, My name is JonTré Clemons I am a clothing designer, I was referred to you guys by a great friend of mines who is also a designer as well he has actually done business with you guys before and loved your work. Below are a couple images of garments that I'm inquiring about to see if you guys are able to create also if you guys can get your hands on these exact pieces/fabrics as they look in the images below or close to it!

I received the sample. Thanks for sending.


• The quality of the material is great. It feels very soft, which I really like.

• The placket could be about 1/2 inch longer. Once this is done, please continue!  

Again, I was impressed with the feel and quality. 

I am now back in Miami and we did receive the samples they are really nice, I was looking for the fabric samples you said would be sent with the actual shirts but there was nothing in the package. My team was very impressed with the shirts and may be willing to do business. Would you mind sending the fabric samples to us before we pay for the order? Also for an order of 200 tshirts, what is the actual time for manufacture and shipping?

Thank you for the reply and the revised sample. I like everything the hoody looks great and you can go ahead and make them in bulk now. I have listed the sizes below and I no longer need custom tags for the hoodies. How long will it take before I receive the hoodies now that everything has been finalized? Thank you and have a great day. Sizes: 40 S / 40 M / 40 L / 50 XL / 30 XXL.


All the samples look great so far , when you have the other 2 samples ready just send over the pictures! Very excited for this shipment to come in, thank you for taking your time to make the best possible product for us.

I have just arrived from Toronto from the show I attended it was fantastic everyone loved your products.

Tom when will you send the rest I am in need of the remainder everyone loved your work and can't wait for the order to be done over 50,000 people saw your work in Toronto and were saying how fantastic the fabric and printing was.

Tom please send ASAP I would really hope to get them between the 12 and 14 of July.

I am going to a mma event in another province on July 18, I will need them before then.