Customer Reviews

You can start working on the bulk order just make sure that the embroidery on the black Tee Is Red , and The embroidery on the Navy Tee is Silver because those  are the only two that I have not seen but I trust you and your team to make the best possible product for us so please keep  me updated and let me know when the bulk order is done.  Michael Manente

We did receive shirts today!!! Thank you all!!! We like a lot! We appreciate your team cooperation and hope to work with you soon. We would like some camouflage fleeces :-).

Thank you for your patience. We thoroughly reviewed the sample fabrics you provided us as well as the second sample shirt. Thank you for providing both of those!

First, the sample shirt looks great and matches our original production shirts. Additionally, the embroidered logo looked great as well. Thank you for incorporating my previous comments. For the final production, however, David and I will forgo ordering the embroidery on the polo shirts. After speaking with couple of our vendors, they requested that we withhold embroidering the shirts. Accordingly, we will save the embroidery for a later purchase order. However, thank you for making the corrections in the meantime. We will definitely use the embroidery on a later date for another production order.

Second, the color sample fabrics were very helpful. After looking through the selections, we decided on 5 colors -- pink, light yellow, light blue, dark gray, and black. Attached is an image of the cut pieces of the selected fabric colors, which I will send the sample colors to you shortly so you know exactly which colors to use for the production. Thank you again for providing the samples.

Lastly, as for the final production order, we would like to order the production of 500 polo shirts (without embroidered logos). The order will be for 100 shirts of each color broken down by size as follows: 10 small; 25 medium; 25 large; 25 extra large (xl); and 15 extra extra large (xxl). For this order, we can provide the buttons, inside shirt tag, and silk care-tag. However, we will again need your assistance in providing the shirt size tags.

With respect to the shirt size tags, please make those in blue as you did with the last sample shirt. The color of the shirt size tag on the sample was perfectly matched with the color of our collar tag and looked great on the sample polo.

When you have the opportunity to review the above production specifications, please provide an estimate quote on the cost of production. Additionally, please let me know if it will be a problem for you to produce the blue shirt size tags. Once I hear back from you, I will send a package containing the color sample fabrics of the 5 colors as well as the other items necessary for production. In the meantime, should you have any questions regarding this production, please let me know. Thank you again for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,


Good day,

We received your product first thing this morning, thank you for the fast work. A couple questions arose from our evaluation of the product that needs to be answered a bit better before we move along working together.

1) The shirts were manufactured correctly to measurements, but we did not like the fabric of the shirts themselves. We did like the GREY sample fabric that you added in the package. That will suit our needs much more. It was lighter than the samples you produced and meets our needs very well. What is the cost associated with our shirts in that fabric?

2) Color, in the samples the color was blue for the shirts and GREY was the color for the sample fabric, we will need white for our product, can that be done?

3) We would like a price quote for 1000 shirts of each size and 1500 shirts of each size (last time you gave me the numbers for 500 per size). What will cost per shirt be AND to dock/port price?

4) Can your company provide us with packaging for our product? What types of packaging and what is the cost? May I please see samples if so?

Thank you so much for your hard work, ex greatly value that. I am eager to hear back from you.

Daren Wagner,

I got the box thank you. Please keep all measurements that were used on my shirts for future purchases. I really liked how everything came out. I am looking forward in doing business with you again.

Those samples of those designs look great. When you mock of rest of designs please send pictures so I can approve prior to bulk production.

Yes, that is my correct address.

Thank you, 


I received the sample shirt I love it, I want all shirts to be 95% cotton %5 spandex that's how I like them to be!! In an hour I will send you the bottom shirt tag image so you can start the 200 shirt production

Thank you for the tracking information. I received the first shipment today and the next one should arrive tomorrow. 

The shirts so far look very good and are of good quality. Very impressed. 

Thank you,