Customer Reviews

We know we still haven't paid for the polo shirts, and that’s on the top of our priority list at this time. The reason it’s taking us so long is because we have insufficient funds in PayPal so we are transferring from our bank to PayPal which takes a few business days. It’s been a couple days so far so we will send it to you by Wednesday at the latest. We want to pay you just as bad as you want to get paid so I promise its coming. Sorry for the delay. We would love to discuss t-shirts soon. We want to keep our manufactures consistent and you have impressed us so far so we want you to make as much stuff that we sell as possible. Thanks for your time.

We received the package and we are very pleased with the samples. The measurements were just as I indicated on the size chart. However, we didn't receive the size Small and XXLarge. We would like to confirm accurate measurements on all sizes before proceeding to bulk.

Could you please send the sizes small and XXlarge in the olive color?

We are ready to pay for the remaining half of the order as well.

Please advise.

Hello I am soooo sorry for the late reply oh my gosh the shirts are amazing, thank you soooooooo much.

Also yes Tom we will need to order a few more things, we need the original zip up hoodies and we need some long sleeve t-shirts as well. 

Also we will need a few women's pieces as well as the big boy line.

We did receive the samples today, Thank you. All the embroidery and colors looked good, very satisfied. My customer likes it as well. . One last question (you can see how serious I am)... Can you let me know minimum requirements if any. My customer wants 200 shirts, with logo embroidery of assorted colors, if you do that low an order. 

Let me know details when you have a moment. I appreciate the sample and quick delivery. 

Hello, received my packages. Definitely pleased. Can you price me 200 of the crew necks with the leather elbow patches and screen printed design. I would also like to price sweat bottoms make from same material with stainless zipper. I want them to be a regular cut leg at bottom with elastic waist with thick shoe string style draw string. I will also want the polo style tee shirt more fitted. I will work on the amount of material that needs to be removed to accommodate the change. Do you have a modern pattern you use for more modern fitting style?

Thanks for the reply. Our sales volume continues to rise so we're going to wait a week to see if we need to increase order size. We have a question regarding polo shirts. We're interested in expanding our line and including polos. I see from the website that you are capable of doing this.
What is the MOQ for polos and what are typical prices for a polo shirt?
Please let me know when you can.

My name is Nick De Zwart & in February I ordered a number of t-shirts for my Epic Workout gear brand I intended to launch in Australia.
Unfortunately the epic brand has been put aside at least for the moment as I am pursuing a similar but much more unique brand. My apparel will be designed with the health & fitness community in mind along with the use of cotton in the fabric.
To begin with we will be focused on producing t-shirts but will be looking to rapidly expand our range. I have a blend that seems optimal for our apparel of  95% Cotton/ 5% Spandex & 160 GSM. Preferably we need the Cotton to be organic & the more environmentally friendly the manufacturing is the better from a sales point of view for us.
At this point the printing will be a design on the bottom left of the t-shirt approximately 2.5cm x 12.5cm & a very simple 5cm x 5cm logo on the right sleeve all in the 1 color. We would also like hang tags attached to the finished product. I have also attached a copy of our logo for you reference.

We will be ordering a minimum of 200 t-shirts to begin with so if you are able to provide to these specification I would like to get an approximate cost.

I would also like you to know that I was extremely happy with the quality of the samples I purchased off you.

Please feel free to offer any opinion you may have as I respect your experience & knowledge in the industry.

I got the shirts! They're more than I could have hoped for. Everything is perfect; the material, the logo, the tags and the quality. Very satisfied. If this is what the next 300 shirts look like then I would be more than happy.
Thanks a ton,