Customer Reviews

Wow Tom this fabric is incredible the fit the feel just absolutely incredible I am so so so happy Tom what direction should we take from here? I have a couple of small requests and questions when do you think would be a good time for a conference call?

Tom I am so pleased the fabric of all the shirts you have sent is amazing I especially love the fit and feel of the white long sleeve it's all just incredible I'm so impressed.

Truly looking forward to seeing printing next thank you so much for your time and patience I would possibly like to add some men's toques as it is winter here in Canada. I will find something to send you soon that maybe you can replicate for the men's toques.

I am looking forward to starting the women's line, we will start with a couple tops then we can look at some yoga pants. Let me know when we can chat about printing and a couple questions I have Tom. I can't thank you enough.

Best regards, Cody James

The polo samples look great! Do you have the magenta color image file that you can send me so I know if it’s an exact match? The sample has red so I don’t know if your magenta (hot pink) color is what I’m wanting. I’m ready for the white polos to start production. Please hold production on the magenta color until I receive your color image file. Please send me the final balance of the invoice and let me know when you need the payment to be made. Thank you,

I received the samples and I absolutely love them. I might make one change to the sweatshirts. Please send me the bulk prices based on the minimum order and times it will talk to manufacture the items.

Polos look great! Packaging, labels and hang tags look good as well. Thanks for all your help!

Our computer has been down till now. I have the dresses. Thank you and your production team for me, they are lovely. Are you going to mix the colours and the other 3 styles now? Can you please send 108 dresses and then 107. That is the remaining 215. That will be 300 altogether and still keep the shipping costs down and still be under $1000.00 fof customs. Thanks again, Coetta

The boxes came in time for the event and we sold out :) which is great, people will be making orders online now.
The jogging bottoms look great and everyone loves them

I really like the material you used for the black, needed to be thinner as its for dancers, the grey material is nice too.

The embroidery change is nice, I have not washed a pair yet so will see how the turn out afterwards, the 2 dots are better.
The change of material on the printed pockets is a lot better and softer

The size of the waist band is just right

Depending on what happens next I will give the slight changes for the next order

I have received the samples. The quality of the jogging bottoms is good and the outlay is like i expected.

I thought you were sending 4 samples in all as seen in your pictures. I will look at the extra materials that you sent and let you know the next step soon.

THANK YOU! They look perfect! I love the vests and the t-shirts are great quality as always. I will be in touch soon.