Customer Reviews

I have received the sweatshirt samples and I am very happy with them! Very good quality and good overall presentation.

I got my dresses! Thank you so much they are perfect. Can I please send more samples for my next order?

We received shipment of the polo shirts the other day, and they look great!! Janine and I are very pleased with the final design and wanted to thank you for doing a great job. We are preparing to distribute the shirts throughout the market and in the future will be getting ready to place another order.

So happy to hear from you and yes we have the plan in place to order the bulk but we are waiting for the new trade fair schedule so we may book for all of 2013. Please trust that we will place the bulk on selected styles, 2013 is the goal to hit the market since 2012 is almost done.   Also before we place the bulk would you be able to provide me the swatch of the fabric, so far I love the quality of current samples, I just want to make sure the fabric used is the exact same in the bulk. Thanks!

I want to confirm receipt of the t-shirt samples. I like the fabrics and the printing method. I was hoping to also get the swatches so we can cross I can be assured. I will send you details by Thursday and we will place the bulk hopefully in the coming weeks as we decide which styles to launch with.

Lizzie is away on Holiday but I have told her that the joggers have arrived. I love them, very pleased with the quality and thanks for such a great service... I will be recommending you to a friend of mine...

Yes, the samples have arrived and we absolutely love them :) please see below for points of our concern:

- Jogging bottoms:

The zips on the inside leg, at the top could they have the same 'seal' as the pocket zips do to insure the zip teeth do not fuller come apart with the slider is all the way at the top. Does that make sense?

- Leggings and T-shirts: They are perfect

After confirmation of order, what will be the lead time?
And that it!
We are over the moon with the quality and fit of the products and we are really excited.
Once I receive the final prices I will then send a confirmation of orders with sizes and quantity so we can get things moving with the invoice and payment.
Thank you very much for your great work (from my amazing diagrams) ha, joke.

We are very happy with the T-shirts and the individual wrapping, also quite happy with the final version of the multicolor Jazzman.

Please convey our satisfaction to your team in Vietnam; they have done a very good job.

We will contact you in the future for the next orders.