Customer Reviews

Thank you for your email and hope you had a wonderful new year. We had a good fall/christmas season selling the tee shirts. We will be placing an order with you soon.

I do hope you had a nice Xmas. Not sure when Chinese New Year is, I hope that will go well for you all. Can you get hold of a mesh type fabric? Like a net, with small holes, but a bit heavier. It is for beach cover-ups. If so could you please send me a photo of it? Thank you for the lace, but it is not quite what I am after. If you can source this I will have another order for you, if the price is good, which I am sure it will be. Thank you, happy New Year, cheers, Bodie

Please ensure that all the maternity t-shirts are made to the same quality and fabrics as previous order - Cotton and Spandex.

All printing is done to a high standard and centered to the bump and across the breast area. Like previous orders.

All T-shirts are made to the UK maternity sizes. ALL Measurements are the same as previous order.

Thank you for that info. I too wish you a happy new year 2013. I can't express how happy I am with the last samples and hope all bulk others meet the same standard, look forward to bringing lots of business in this new year.

Thank you, the sweatshirts look amazing. One note for the full production do not include image, I would like blank sweatshirts. (does change price?) contact asap?

Thanks for your emails and patience. I hope you've had a Christmas, ours has been incredibly busy hence the late response. I'd like to put in an order for more of the black jogging bottoms with the white zips. We have chosen the grey we like but as we are moving to new premises we are not in position to order the grey with this order but we have our numbers ready and it won't be long until we put that order in. Sorry, it will probably be towards the end of February if all goes well.So, can I put this order in please?

Black Joggers - White Zip Detail

Small x 40, Medium x 40, Large x 40 Age 5-6 x 20, Age 7-8 x 25, Age 9-11 x 40, Age 12-13 x 30


Thanks, also do you remember the first type of joggers with the embroidery patch on? The baggy ones? If possible we would like to order Small x 20, Medium x 20 and Large x 20. I look forward to hearing from you and hope all is well.

Good to hear from you. The t-shirt is great, the only thing I would like to change is to have the name "ILLUSTRIOUS" be 11 inches across instead of 10 for me, it will fill the t-shirt out more and would look better with the logo. So with that said you can start on the bulk order.

I was wondering if you could make some more t shirts for me! I was very pleased with our last order.

For this order I want 300 shirts, 5 different designs (60 pcs per design) All 300 t shirts will be white I was also wondering if you could make polo shirts, tank tops, underwear and swimwear.