Customer Reviews

The shirts are great I love both the samples. I was wondering which sample would shrink the most after you wash and dry it. I also would like a quota on 150-200 polo shirts in different sizes: small, medium, large and different colors: black, white, and orange.

We have our showcase coming up shortly so that will allow our customers to evaluate the quality of the tees and tank tops. But as it stands, we are happy with the production output. It is always a pleasure to see a project come to a successful completion.

I am very pleased with the Henley Shirts, as well as our customers. We've sold 70% of our stock already.

The t-shirts look great! We are excited to receive the samples so we can place an order and get busy selling these shirts. We look forward to hearing from you.

The polo shirt looks good, but the logo is a centimeter too low, so the embroidered logo should be a centimeter higher than the logo is in the attached picture. The screen printed graphic looks good. Thanks. Please send two versions of the shirt to the Vice media address. I've given you after you move the logo up a centimeter. I hope you can send them out tomorrow. Then, after you return from your vacation, we will place the bulk order with you.

Me and my partners love the tee shirts the only thing is that large needs to be a medium and the new large needs to be a size bigger. So please make the old smalls in the medium size. The new medium in the large size and make the larges bigger. We will pay in full by tomorrow. Can they be done in 10 days if we pay tomorrow?

I received the sample. Thank you. Over All I am very pleased. I will make some notes and email them over tonight. Do you have light blue and grey in the same material?

Thanks for the email! Our shows went very well and we ended the year better than expected. We are getting together an order that we will probably place with you after the chinese new year. We also have a few new products (the button down shirts) that we would like to introduce to our line this year and have you produce. You will be hearing from me soon and have a wonderful New Year!