Customer Reviews

The shirts arrived today. Unfortunately there were 5 t-shirts short from my order :( All together I have received 370 t-shirts and I paid for 375. It’s not a huge problem but I wanted to let you know! I am happy to wait till my next order to sort that out. Thank you very much for the t-shirts. Although the order wasn't perfect I am very happy with the end product.

Thank you - for this one all sizing looks fine, but the heart is not in the center of the shirt on the photo. Please be sure it is centered on the final shipment. We are eager to receive them and the final order.

The shirts are nice, for our next project we want the same shirts but have the pockets be a different color. An example would be the pink shirt with the blue pocket. Could this be done?

I also wanted to say that the t shirts themselves are great, so thank you and all the team for a fantastic job. The fabric is perfect. I am sure we will sort the last details out soon. You have been so patient and helpful, we hope to be able to send you more orders. I will try and chat with you tomorrow early if possible

I received my sample today. I like the shirt, only would like to make one change for the pocket on it. There was no seam on the top of the pocket, and I would like for it to be sewn.

I received the samples few days ago. I would like to order the yellow top and Hello Kitty top. I won't be ordering the black top, some finishing as well as sleeves are not what I was looking for, but of course I realize that it is hard to work without pattern or submitted sample. The yellow tank top and hello kitty I am very happy with. Right now I have my seamstress working on my samples and patterns, so in future ( probably in 4-6 weeks) I would like to order more clothes (about 6 styles) from you, but of course I will provide samples and patterns.

We have the joggers just in time to leave tonight, thank you. Can you please send me the stock list you sent to me or final PI please.

We enjoy working with you and want to build a strong relationship as our ONLY manufacturer for all orders. Please keep in mind this is the first batch order of only a 100 units. We are expecting to order more for men blue and black, plus we will be sending you design and measurement for female 2 color version. We have a total of 12 different pieces we would want produced. The quantity is very high so we have to break it down for us, so we can work with a good budget to start.