Customer Reviews

I got the samples today. The white shirt makes the gray logo really pop. It looks great. The sizing was right for XL. Is there any reason why you sent XL samples?

Please let me know when the tags are complete and send an image. I can't wait to sell these tee shirts and place a larger order and get some new shirts going.

Do you still have the sizes and number of each size that I would like?

Hey I received the sample shirts and the 500 labels. I would like to place my order now. I love the Tee Shirt you made for me, but I would like to change the art work. Same material shirt, same print everything the same, just different art work. I am attaching below the art work I want it to be a full front print. And I want to order the shirt in White 25 Small 35 Medium 30 Large 10 X-Large and in Black the same 25 Small 35 Medium 30 Large 10 X-Large.

I am attaching below the 2 prints, Black ink for the White Tee shirt and White Ink for the Black Tee shirt. Please Make and Send these 200 Shirts ASAP… Along with Labels In them and send me the left over labels.

Also I do not want to do the Polo Shirts now, But Thank You. Also the print you sent on the sample was perfect but for these shirts I am ordering it needs to be a bigger print (Full Front) rather than just the top half of the shirt. Thanks please let me know if you understand everything I am asking for.

It looks good! Can you please edit and delete a part of the image (please see attachment for reference). Once this is done, please continue!

We have received the sweatshirts, they are very good thank you. We wish to test them for a week or two then hope to place a full order soon.

I received the Harrington jackets today so many thanks. The tartan lining is better than the samples so I'm pleased with that. The mod word is appropriately around the buttons so thanks.

I would like to place an order for another 500 of the silk draw string pouches that I ordered before. I would like them the same as my second order for these, with the black lining, double thickness of white fabric and the black edges to the bag at the front. Let me know price and order details, thank you.

The shirt sample is very nice. The size of the gloves and lettering is perfect!! I love the lettering you guys did to fix it. It’s great!!!

You recently just sent us a sample polo shirt that you all have done. We are thinking of using the same logo but changing the name of the company. Also, we probably won't be able to do a large order until towards the end of the summer once we get out website and marketing out. Will you all still be able to produce the same shirt that you sent us for the sample in August or around then?