Customer Reviews

I received the shirts a few days ago. I should have let you know sooner. They are great. When I start marketing next week, I think they will sell fast. I will be in touch.

The clothes arrived home yesterday, although I haven't seen them yet my family says they have arrived and look fine. I hope I have been a good customer and you would like to make more clothes for me in the future! I am sure you will be hearing from me very soon.

The tank top samples arrived. They look great! Thank you, TeeTick, for doing a great job! Great quality! Let's do the tops in grey color. The lettering “GP4G”, I'd love it in a light pink color ink. My second choice would be white lettering ink. I can't wait for tops, and I'm sure I'll be doing more business with you in the near future.

I received the shirts last week. Sorry I didn't respond to you sooner about this, but I was just wondering if you can add more polyester and less cotton to the shirt. Otherwise the shirts were really good. Please get back to me as soon as possible to see if that's possible.

I got the shirts stocked on our shelf and was able to fish in them last week. I am very pleased with your work. Just wanted to say Thank You!

I received the samples today, thank you. I am very happy with the quality. I prefer the quality of swatch C for the jogging bottoms. Can you get this material in any other colors? I would like to make them in the grey, in a pink, a white and black. Could you email me some images of some pink swatches? Could you also now give me a price for a bulk order with the tag sewn into the back of them.

50 x grey

50 x pink

50 x white

50 x black

And a turnaround time for these?

I have received the shirts and I am very happy with them! I am getting the 50% deposit ready for the second order, and I will pay into your PayPal account once ready.

Thank you for your timely response to my email. As I stated before, we are very pleased with the shirts, your company did a very good job for us in the manufacture of them. We hope to continue to do business with you, and it does look like you are trying to work with us on fixing the problem we encountered. The exact number of shirts is no big deal as long as we are given a credit on our next order for the number that we did not receive. I believe that you will find that we are flexible and will work with you as long as you keep doing the great jobs. Thank you for refunding the overpayment. I understand that it is expensive for you to transfer money via paypal. We are OK with you just giving us a credit on our next order instead of a refund. It will be more cost efficient. Have a great day!