Customer Reviews

I received the samples on Monday! The product looks great and is great quality. Below are some specific questions I have about the products.

I was wondering if you all can customize the dimensions of the shirts for my clothing line. I want the shirt about an inch longer and the sleeves an inch shorter.

Also, Could you all send me a color wheel or different shades of yellow that I could choose?

Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully ordering our first bulk order.

Thanks, Matt

I received the shirts. I'm happy with the way they turned out. In the near future I will be sending you a design or two to make samples of. I am very pleased with your work. You will be hearing from me again very soon. Thank you.

I'm ready for you to start full production. I want the full production of the polo shirts to be just like the sample I just received (the 100% pima cotton one) with only a few small changes.

Here are the changes that need to be made and then you can go directly into production - no other sample is needed.

1.) The embroidered logo needs to be moved left toward the placket 3/4 inch and down 1/2 inch.

2.) Make sure that the buttons have "Properly Tied" engraved on them.

Please let me know that you have received this email. I look forward to receiving the finished polos!

Sizing Breakdown for the 210 polo shirts:

70 total of each of the 3 pantone colors email previously.

16 small of each of the 3 colors

21 medium of each 3 colors

21 large of each 3 colors

11 extra large of each 3 colors

1 XXL of each 3 colors

Thanks again! Hunter

We did receive the shirt samples. We are thrilled! Thank you for sending these. The fit is perfect, the print looks great. The cotton is very soft. I have one question:

How should we go about handling minor alterations? For example, we'd like the graphic on the Evolution tee sized down a small amount.

Should we just describe the requested alterations to you, with measurements, and you can send us a picture of the result? That seems like it would be faster than sending a new prototype.

Thanks for making the changes on the Buddha shirt. No worries on the baseball shirt we are happy with it and we are ready to move forward.

We received the shirts samples. My first impression is that they look much better. We will get back to you in a few days with our next move.

I received the shirt samples. I'm very happy with the quality of the fabric tags, and the way the new design of print tags on the inside of the necks turned out. Everything looks great on the third design too.

The only change I would like to make is with the second design. The color that I had in my initial design didn't come out as bright as I was hoping. I took the design and changed some of the coloring. It's still the same size, and I'm very happy with the size of the design on the shirt. I hope there won't be a problem with the color changes I've made (attached is the altered .pdf).

Thanks for including the samples of different fabrics. I still would like to have all 300 of the final tee shirts/all 3 designs printed on 100% Cotton.

Thanks for the great quality work. Please let me know if there are any problems with the color changes I made to the second design.

We have sorted out our 2nd order of shirts and they look great! We love the colors and the quality of the fabric.

If we place an order for 30-40 XL ladies t-shirts, how soon could you have them done? You can use whatever fabric you have on hand, any colors, as long as it is good quality cotton. It is my fault that we did not order XL and we have orders for them.

Also, I have noticed on your website that you do not do children's shirts. We will need small, starting at size 3. Can you do them, and if not, do you know of a company that you can recommend to us?

Thank you, we appreciate the quality of your work.