Customer Reviews

I am happy with everything except the blue. Do you have a lighter shade of blue fabric that can be used? We're looking for more of a baby blue.

The placement of the design looks much better. Thanks! Can you please verify and tell us the full length of the shirt, from the top of the collar to the bottom of the shirt?

Please reply all to keep my partner in this email chain.

Thanks, Sinead

We received our samples today!! Very good quality!!

What is the min order?

What colors are available for each of the different shirts?

When will the sample pants be available?

How long would it take to get more samples in different colors and sizes?

Thanks so much!!!! Wendi

The polo shirts came in today and we love them. We would like to work on some pocket t-shirts now with an embroidery on the pocket. Can you give me a quote? How quickly could I get a sample of that? I want it to be a soft but also thick fabric. Thanks, Hunter

Thanks for sending the samples. I’ve taken a look at them & I’m very happy with the quality. I have a couple small requests nothing major.


1.The blue small is a perfect fit everywhere I would just like to add a half inch to the neck if this changes the rest of the fit a little bit it is fine with me.

2. The red medium is a perfect fit can we just take about 1/4 inch out of the sleeve opening to have it fit the bicep a bit tighter?


1. The white is perfect fit everywhere absolutely perfect for the small size.

2. The light blue baby blue is it a medium? If so I would like to add 1 inch to the sleeve that's a perfect everywhere else.


1. The fit is absolutely perfect for small, I would just like to add 1 inch to the sleeve please

2. Also I would like to remove 2 inches in the length?

I hope this is alright and doesn't change too much or make it difficult for you to manufacture.

The fit of everything is perfect except these minor details.

I am available to chat now if you are.

How are things going? I hear about the flooding in Vietnam and I eat a lot of food from there, especially the rice and noodles each day. I hope it gets better there.

I will continue to use your pattern, the jeans are getting good orders for them and they are selling.

I will need to put in an order. A small order today for 200 pair of jeans in only the bigger sizes because the people like the jeans. The order will be same colors as before. I need these to place into the boxes of the orders I am taking. Is this ok?

I will wire you the deposit tomorrow if this is okay with you. The quantity will be around 50 per color. But I will email you the exact number, please tell the factory to dye some fabric for the same 4 colors as before. Also tell me if they still have my prior specs on their file because I will need them over and over again next year. All other design details the same with diamond rivet and burs.

I hope to hear from you soon, Have a good night.

The shirts are moving OK, in fact we are sold out of XLs. Is there any material that these shirts could be made of that would be cooler to wear? I know it is unusual to look for a high-neck tee that is not warm, but the main purpose of these shirts is for tattoo cover-up. As we move into spring/summer, that will be a growing issue with our employees.

I just wanted to let you know the shirts arrived yesterday, we sent them straight to the distributor and everything is all ok now thank you for sorted that out for us it’s much appreciated.

We have received our samples and we love them.

You had said that if we moved our order up to 1000 shirts we could lower the price to around $5.00 USD. Now my question is... can we get the approximate shipping costs for:

An order of 200 shirts

An order of 1000 shirts

AND an order of 2000 shirts.

Just an approximate number so we can figure it into our costs. Thank you Tom! We will be making the full order as soon as we finish these calculations.