Custom Polo Shirts

custom made polo shirtsIf you're running a casual clothing line, polo shirts are a must in your store.

What makes a polo shirt one of the most profitable items to sell online and at your store?

Polo shirts are very popular for both casual wear and business wear. They typically are appropriate for many daily activities. People wear them to work, play sports, attend a nightly event, go on vacation.

Custom embroidered polo shirts look professional and make excellent promotional items thanks to their reasonable prices and durability. Custom polo shirts are perfect for advertising and strengthening your corporate image. When your customers and/or employees wear custom polo shirts, your brand gains in popularity, just simple as that. This is because the shirts tend to make a huge impact by displaying your company's embroidered or printed logo.

Another reason why polo shirts are profitable items to sell online or at your store: their universal sizes. For example, European standard sizes for polo shirts can be applied to different countries. In other words, polo shirts’ size specs are not as complicated as specs for other clothes. Thus, you know what size fits you, and you only need to find it and get it delivered from any store.

customized polo shirtGet our standard dimensions for polo shirts here. If you cannot find the right measurement, don’t worry. Simply send the size specs or a sample that you like, so we duplicate the measurements and send them to our factory.

These polo shirts can be customized to your specific requirements. You can choose the blends and colors of fabrics, tape color for the inside necklines‏, two- or three-button plackets and custom neck labels. Polo shirts can bear your company’s name and logo, and the trademarks of any business can either be printed or embroidered.

We have different fabrics for polo shirts, from pima cotton pique to a cotton/polyester blend or a blend of cotton and flexible fibers that allows maximum comfort and feel. You can choose a color from our color charts and have a mixture of sizes for orders, however large or small!


Unedited Feedback For Custom Polo Shirts 

5 Star Rating

"We received shipment of the polo shirts the other day, and they look great! Janine and I are very pleased with the final design and wanted to thank you for doing a great job. We are preparing to distribute the shirts throughout the market and in the future will be getting ready to place another order."


5 Star Rating

"I received the polo shirts a few days ago. I should have let you know sooner. They are great. When I start marketing next week, I think they will sell fast. I will be in touch."


5 Star Rating

"I'm ready for you to start full production. I want the full production of the polo shirts to be just like the sample I just received (the 100% pima cotton one) with only a few small changes. Here are the changes that need to be made and then you can go directly into production - no other sample is needed. 1.) The embroidered logo needs to be moved left toward the placket 3/4 inch and down 1/2 inch. 2.) Make sure that the buttons have "Properly Tied" engraved on them. Please let me know that you have received this email. I look forward to receiving the finished polos!"