Children Clothes

Personalized Clothing for Children

children pantsStarting your own children's clothing brand can be a very lucrative business. Children are growing each day and they need to replace clothes constantly. With a little bit of luck, a good sense of fashion and enough money, you can start your own children's clothing brand that kids and their parents won't want to miss.

TeeTick doesn't specialize in newborn baby clothes; however, we can help you design and manufacture cute, comfortable personalized clothing for children ages 6 – 14 including uniforms for school.

TeeTick’s designers and branding experts will work with you to help you create your own collection and a personal touch to clothing aimed kids. Our goal is to help you seize an important market share of the children’s wear niche, working with you to seize opportunities as varied as back-to-school sales, holiday sales and summertime vacation promos and discounts.

In one sentence, we help you design and produce bargain clothes that last, and that kids and parents love. Our imagination and creative approach and yours are unlimited, and TeeTick’s goal is to assist you in designing clothes as varied as classy, formal, special event, and everyday wear.

Clothes such as polo shirts, Henley shirts, sweatshirts, pants and personalized tee shirts for kids will be made in accordance with your specifications.

children t shirtsThere are a wide variety of fabrics and colors suitable for your project. If you are not familiar with them, our design experts will recommend you the most common types of fabrics that can fit your desired branding and clothing specifications.

We make sure no child labor is involved during the manufacturing process, and the clothes that your children love to wear are produced in line with social and ethical standards. Besides child-labor laws, TeeTick abides by government regulations on everything from industrial safety to environmental protection.

We make high-quality personalized clothing for children, and offer exceptional customer service. We really believe you will enjoy working with us.

Contact us today to learn more about our thrilling design and production models, and let us show you how you can add excitement and color to your brand, communication tactic or, simply, your own children’s life!

 Our specialists are available to assist you 24/7, 365 days a year, either via phone or email.